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Blueberry Muffin (4.0 gram Eighth)

$ 40.00
You know how people bring Costco muffins to meetings and pretend that everyone in the room hasn’t had the same muffins about 800 times? Well we can promise no one has brought these Blueberry Muffins to the party before.That’s because our Blueberry Muffins are made from a cross of marijuana strains Afghani x Blueberry which bake up into light and fluffy daytime Indica nuggets. It literally has a fragrance and taste just like blueberry muffins. (If you can’t “taste” your weed, you may want to try vaporizing. It’s a connoisseur way to get the full bouquet of nuance and flavor since there’s no burning or butane. You’ll be amazed.)Muffins is a fantastic “light” indica that gently calms the nerves and the busy mind without being thick or sedating or couch-locky, and you can deal with reality on more manageable, smiley, oven fresh terms. Very sweet and relaxing!

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