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Collective membership is open to all California residents with a valid physician’s recommendation and proof of residency in the state. In order to maintain full compliance with state law, we must ensure every member completes our processing forms in order to obtain medication from the collective. Medical cannabis patients can join Green Harmony by completing our simple online verification*.

Please note that we can ONLY accept a California driver's license or California identification card to secure your membership with our collective. If you do not have a California Identification, a photo ID and proof of California residency is acceptable (Utility Bill, Rental Lease, Temporary CA ID, etc.).

Below is a list of documents/information that we need to verify your eligibility for the California Medical Cannabis program, which enables us to operate as required by law (in compliance with Prop 215, SB420, Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 1362.7(H), and attorney general guidelines).